Kawasaki Ninja e-1 / Z e-1 は英国にて2023年10月発売か?

当ブログでもさかんにお知らせしてきた、カワサキの電動バイク「Ninja e-1」および「Z e-1」。


With a near silent and efficient brushless motor rated at 5kw (with a useful maxim of 9Kw on demand) this duo of EV models rely on an innovative twin (removable) battery solution with the batteries wired in parallel unlike competitors delivering the advantage of more efficient charge usage. Enjoying a variety of charging options this twin battery configuration allows the sort of portability that heavy single item applications simply prohibit.




Clutchless, with no gears to change and with a simple “twist and go” riding style, the fun to ride feeling is augmented by some clever rider-centric features such as two riding modes (Road and Eco) plus an exciting “e-boost” option delivering an on-demand max of 9kw of power and acceleration (plus a potential top speed of 99kph where permitted) over a short distance thanks to a e-boost button on the right bar under the twist grip.

クラッチレス、ギアチェンジなし、シンプルな “ツイスト&ゴー “のライディングスタイルで、楽しいライディング・フィーリングは、2つのライディング・モード(ロードとエコ)に加え、ツイストグリップ下の右バーにあるe-ブースト・ボタンにより、短距離で最大9kwのオンデマンド・パワーと加速(許可されている場合は最高時速99kmの可能性もある)を発揮するエキサイティングな “e-ブースト “オプションなど、ライダー中心の賢い機能によって強化されている。



Charging options include a charge docking station which a battery can be placed in or via a lead which can link the off-board charger unit to the machine via an under-seat socket with batteries still in place. Cool features about the advanced Li-Ion batteries include inbuilt charge indicators plus a symmetrical design allowing easier placement within the machine plus a handy lockable stowage area above the batteries below the battery cover.  




Both machines will arrive in the UK next month, with prices to be confirmed soon.



いよいよ! 楽しみ!!!!